CDS- CamshaftDesignSystem is a design-oriented system for the design and calculation of all types of valve trains.
CDS has its origin in motor sports, i.e. in the development of high-performance engines.
From this it follows that the design possibilities of the valve lift curve are particularly was respected.
The powerful method based on spline interpolation provides a very high numerical quality of the calculations.
The resulting cam profile therefore has the same very high numerical quality. The calculation speed in CDS
is so high that everything is done almost in real time. The software concept on which CDS is based (C , C++)
enables such high processing speeds. The design of the design surface and the presentation of the calculation
results is realized with modern chart tools. A report generator presents the calculation results and
generates a PDF file for documentation. Furthermore, interfaces to CAD systems and dynamic simulation are available.
The files for production and quality control are generated automatically when saving the calculation.

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