The system is developed with Borland C++ BUILDER for WINDOWS operating systems. It has a modular concept, so that the system can be extended without problems. This is particularly noticeable in the ease of maintenance. Only the module that has been changed is replaced. This can also be done during runtime.

  U_Nt[i]= Xtast[i]*cos(chi_N[i]) - Ytast[i]*sin(chi_N[i]) - Xn;
  V_Nt[i]= Xtast[i]*sin(chi_N[i]) + Ytast[i]*cos(chi_N[i]) - Yn;
for(i= 1; i <  N_Val; i++)
  U_Ntv[i]= Xtast[i-1]*cos(chi_N[i]) - Ytast[i-1]*sin(chi_N[i]) - Xn;
  V_Ntv[i]= Xtast[i-1]*sin(chi_N[i]) + Ytast[i-1]*cos(chi_N[i]) - Yn;
  U_Ntn[i]= Xtast[i+1]*cos(chi_N[i]) - Ytast[i+1]*sin(chi_N[i]) - Xn;
  V_Ntn[i]= Xtast[i+1]*sin(chi_N[i]) + Ytast[i+1]*cos(chi_N[i]) - Yn;

  SP[i]= (U_Nt[i]*(U_Nt[i]-U_Ntv[i])+V_Nt[i]*(V_Nt[i]-V_Ntv[i])) *